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The Process

Ansley’s experienced agents work with homeowners to ensure every step of the home selling process is completed with flawless precision.


Pricing Your Home

We work hand-in-hand with homeowners to optimize both time and money by setting an accurate price from day one TIME (ON MARKET) IS MONEY!

When determining the A Market Value of home, its important to consider the following:

  • The price buyers have recently paid for similar homes sold in the area.
  • If the listing price selected will attract enough attention from buyers and agents to generate showing and acceptable offers.
  • The different properties competing for the attention of potential buyers when a home is the market.
  • The properties in a specific area that haven’t sold, indicating what price point buyers are potentially willing to pay under current market conditions.

The closer a home is priced to Morgan valley when it first list, The more likely it will sell quickly and at the highest possible price.

  • If a listing price is set outside market value, potential buyers may skip over a home entirely, fearing and “unreasonable” “unrealistic ” seller.
  • Determining market value requires evaluation and understanding of current market conditions, the most marketable features of a home and relevant market trends in the area.


Listing And Selling Your Home

Ansley’s experienced agents work with homeowners to ensure every step of the home selling process is completed with flawless person.


  • Relevant home currency on the market
  • Relevant homes which have sold
  • Relevant homes which failed to sell
  • Relevant homes which are pending sales
  • Off market sales
  • Local economic conditions
  • Your desired timetable


  • Listing Agreement
  • Input into two MLS systems: FMLS and GaMLS
  • Sellers Disclosure president for completion
  • Provide additional disclosures as needed.
  • Lead Based Paint Disclosure
  • Warranty Deed
  • Survey


  • Placement on
  • Maximum web exposure, up to 500 specs •
  • Strategic email campaigns to 6,000+ agents
  • Social media placements
  • Ansley yard signs
  • Professional photography
  • Staging expertise
  • Networking in-house and out .
  • Broker caravans
  • Introduced at sales meeting
  • Promoted on internal app
  • Custom brochure
  • Print advertising opportunities
  • Public relations opportunities
  • The Ansley Collection
  • The Ansley Paper


  • Write a strong contract to best fit your needs
  • Represent Your interests at all times
  • Guide you through the contract terms
  • Electronic sending/signing documents
  • Negotiate on your behalf
  • Negotiate any necessary amendments
  • Ensure your deadlines are met
  • Coordinate inspection and vendors
  • Provide resources for any vendors needed
  •  Monitor buyer’s loan status
  • Timely communication 6
  • Follow up and feedback


  • Furnish any needed information or documents to closing attorney
  • Follow up with attorney and lenders to assure timely & smooth closing
  • Coordinate closing date, time and location with all parties
  • Attend closing


Helping you prepare and sell your home is only part of what we do at Ansley Atlanta — we build relationships. We are dedicated to providing value surrounding the sale of your home long after closing day. No matter how much time has passed, please let us know how we can help.


Before Your Home Is Shown

One of the keys to success in today’s ultra-competitive real estate market is to position your home as the most desirable property in a given area. Here is a checklist of preparations to complete before listing your home.

De-Clutter Go through your home room by room and ask yourself what you can throw away and what you can box up and put in storage

Organize Lack of storage space can be a deal-breaker Go through your closets and pantries and organize and throw away, give away or put away anything you don’t need

Clean Give your home a deep clean from top to bottom including windows upholstery, carpet, the refrigerator and oven (yes buyers actually open them)

Brighten Your Home Light gives the impression of space to its important for every room in your home to have ample light at any time of day Prior to every showing wash windows raise blinds and turn on lights

Maintain The Exterior Maintain your lawn and landscaping, In a attention to the area in front of the doorway to ensure es near Make balconies, decks and patios inviting with potted plants and flowers

Make Repairs Take care of quick and easy repairs such as touch up spackling and painting.replacing cracked window or torn screen, fixing a leaky faucet and changing burned our light bulbs

Remove Pets Keep pets out of the home during showings and be sure to conceal food bowls and litter boxes

Hire a Home Inspector Hiring a professional, licensed home inspector prior to putting your home on the market

Disclose Everything By law, sellers must disclose existing structural and mechanical problems.flooding. the presence of lead paint information on radon hazards and other known defects to potential buyers. Withholding this information can have much more serious repercussions than the problem itself

Paint A fresh coat of paint is the least expensive, most effective way to enhance the appearance of your home. Be sure to use neutral colors.

Staging Your Home For Sale

Staging is the art of merchandising a home to improve its marketability. It can be as simple as rearranging a few pieces of furniture or as elaborate as hiring a professional to furnish an empty home right down to the plants and artwork.

Use Neutral Colors and Decor to help your home appeal to the largest number of potential buyers. Add color through accessories such as pillows, vases and rugs.

Arrange Furniture in Small Groupings that demonstrate a rooms functionality, and do not overcrowd a room with furniture.

Use Light, Airy Window Treatments, like simple sheers on a curtain rod. Hang window treatments so they cover the least amount of glass.

Camouflage Outdated Furniture or worn upholstery with slip covers, and replace worn bedspreads and throw rugs

Keep Kitchen Counters and Refrigerators Clean and clear of all items. In Your kitchen needs an update, paint cupboards with a neutral color and replace knobs on the cabinets.

Remove all Personal Items from the bathroom counter

Personal Photographs and Mementos Add Warmth and character to a home, but use them in moderation do the buyer will focus on the home, not the homeowners.

Display Fresh Flowers

Add Furniture, Plants or Potted Flowers with seasonal settings to outdoor spaces.

Your Mountain Home Specialist in the north Georgia mountains. Whether buying or selling, I know that the most important transaction is YOURS. I am committed to excellence, one transaction at a time. Let me help you find your “perfect spot”.

It is a necessity to find the right real estate agent. The state of Georgia has over 10,0000 real estate agents. Out of those, only about 34,000 are Realtors. I am a professional Realtor® and I hold myself to a higher standard than simply a real estate agent. I am: “Committed to excellence, one transaction at a time.” I realize that the most important transaction is YOURS.

I am a proud member of the Ansley Mountain and Lake Office in Blue Ridge. I love the office and the people that make up the office. A terrific space for me in more ways than one! Check me out on the Ansley website to see how properties are marketed to qualified Buyers.

It is my goal to correctly price a property. We want the property to sell for the most amount of money in the least amount of time. That means doing competitive market analysis work for you before I meet with you. You need to know how your property stacks up among the others. I want your property to be the best it can be, so I will suggest areas that might help you increase your price point.

Once a price is agreed upon, then marketing begins. I have one of the best photographers in the business to shoot your property. I include virtual tour for every listing I market, no matter the price point. It is the first impression with the price that pulls the Buyer to a property. I am active on Zillow, Trulia, and I am a member of the Northeast Georgia Board of Realtors, the Georgia Multiple Listing Service, and The First Multiple Listing Service. use social media and email marketing to all Northeast GA Realty Board agents, and Atlanta agents, and other agents with whom I have working relationships. I also implement Facebook and Instagram to promote your property.

What I offer is a direct line of communication. If you call me, I WILL answer the phone and discuss your concerns and/or answer your questions. I am your negotiator and your voice. To be effective, we must talk to one another and be on the same page. You can be assured that I am constantly working on your behalf.

Contact me directly at 678-333-7907 or at I appreciate the opportunity.