December 31, 2015

Time for a New Year’s Resolution?

Here’s a secret … I am not a huge fan of New Year’s resolutions. Right now I feel like I’m being bombarded with things I should do better: exercise, diet, the zero spending challenge for the next 31 days, cleaning and organizing, and 15 ways to save $1,000 this year. I’m not going to participate in any of these resolutions. Not that I couldn’t benefit from them, but I’m just so tired of trying to do everything the way it’s “supposed” to be done. The irony of my anti-resolution year is that I do have one that I plan to […]
December 24, 2015

Enjoy Tax Advantages on your Vacation Mountain Cabin

Tax Benefits on Rental Properties The first of the year makes me think of several of things: resolutions, organizing the house, and taxes. Here in Blue Ridge, there are many home owners that offer their property as a rental. Whether it’s a vacation rental or a long term rental, there are some tax benefits you will want to become aware of if you’re considering purchasing a vacation home property. Any money spent on the rental is deductible. This includes property taxes, property management fees, and any expenses that involve the home. Mortgage Interest is another tax perk. This deduction is because the property […]
December 20, 2015

Dreaming of a Quick Trip

Here in North Georgia we have the busiest airport (ATL) at our finger tips so traveling by air is easy to do. Sometimes though a little road trip is just the ticket. Lately, I’ve been dreaming of touring The Bourbon Trail in and around Lexington, Kentucky just a 4 1/2 hour drive from Blue Ridge. There are 7 distilleries within a 35 mile radius of Lexington dating back 200 years. There’s something for everyone on the trail, big-city nightlife, quaint country towns, Bourbon-themed hotels and historic bed & breakfast accommodations. On your way to Woodford Reserve Distillery you’ll pass the most […]
December 10, 2015

All Aboard Santa Express in Blue Ridge GA

Experience the Santa Express! I just read an article that stated that people that buy experiences are happier than people that buy things. I believe this to be true. I often remember and happily relive vacations, concerts, and special dinners far more than that pair of shoes I bought last week. So I have an experience that you may want to try. We are very fortunate in Blue Ridge to have our Scenic Railway. It’s a beautiful train ride along the Toccoa River making it special all year long but it may be even more so during the end of […]
December 7, 2015

Fannin County GA Schools Shine

There are so many things I love about our North Georgia community.  And although I don’t have children in the schools here, I have clients that weigh the school system heavily when looking for properties.  I’m so pleased to be able to tell them how wonderful our schools are. The graduation rate for the FCHS class of 2010 was 91.3 percent which is 10.5 percent above the state average and this number continues to rise!  With a 15:1 student to teacher ratio, each student gets the individual attention they need to thrive.  Blue Ridge is a small town and our schools still […]
November 30, 2015

10 Hacks for the Holidays

10 Hacks for the Holidays 1. Secure Christmas lights to your shingles with binder clips for easy set up and tear down 2. Slip a used toilet paper roll around your leftover wrapping paper to keep it from unrolling 3. Boil water and add cinnamon and cloves to make your home smell festive 4. Store smaller ornaments in empty egg cartons and larger ones in empty coffee tins 5. Remove Christmas tree sap from your hands with toothpaste 6. Mix 1 Tbsp. of Water + 1 Cup of Baking Soda to make realistic looking fake snow 7. Print out and […]